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What Are Your Options When Disposing Furniture?


It is common to dispose pieces of furniture after several years of usage. It can happen when you are trying to achieve a certain style inside your home or when these pieces of furniture sustain irreparable damage.

As we provide waste management services in Louisiana, we want to help every citizen understand their options when getting rid of furniture. Let’s dive deeper into what you can do to dispose of them immediately.

  • Government Trash Service

    Cities and local governments will always have trash collection initiatives for their local constituents. They may have unique policies regarding bulk items like furniture. You can explore your locality’s policies regarding bulk trash collection. Do not leave your furniture on random sidewalks since that would be illegal in most places.

  • Professional Waste Disposal

    While government trash services are useful, they have their limitations. If you want to get rid of plenty of furniture as convenient as possible, choose professional waste disposal service providers who offer bulk pickup services.

    Offering waste disposal in Louisiana has allowed us to help countless clients get rid of their furniture. Doing this ensures you can dispose of your furniture with ease.

  • Give Them To Family Members

    You also have the option to give them to your friends and family. Of course, make sure your pieces of furniture can still be saved. Some willing recipients may have the skills to restore these pieces of furniture.

If you need to remove bulky items such as pieces of furniture, call us here at Wolf Disposals. We offer a range of disposal services, including garbage hauling in Saint Joseph, Louisiana. Feel free to contact us for your inquiries.

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