• Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 539, Saint Joseph, Louisiana 71366
  • Physical Location:
    1109 Plank Rd., Saint Joseph, Louisiana 71366
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Who We Are

Wolf Disposals is a trusted provider of waste management services. We are locally owned and operated. We provide waste management services consisting of collection and other related services. Wolf Disposals is compliant with regulatory environmental concerns and thrives to make our community environmentally safe. Contact us for quality garbage hauling in Monroe, Louisiana, and more.

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Our Partners

Our goal is to partner with local Parishes to provide effective service for waste disposal.

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Our Mission

  • A desire to serve our local community
  • A commitment to protect our environment
  • A vision for promoting waste reduction
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Tips on Conservation

  • ~Reduce packaging by buying in bulk
  • ~Reuse plastic, boxes, and glass containers
  • ~Don’t waste food and store leftovers
  • ~Compost all food scraps and yard trimmings
  • ~Donate items and equipment you don’t use
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