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How to Properly Segregate and Dispose Waste at Home


Knowing the different waste categories is important so you can learn to segregate properly. As one of the leading providers of waste disposal in Louisiana, allow us to help you. Here are the different waste categories and how to dispose them:

  • Dry Waste

    This type of waste can be kept for longer periods without decomposing. Some examples include paper, rubber, glass, metal, plastics, fabric, leather, styrofoam, and wood. Dry waste will not smell if it is clean and dry. So, make sure to clean all the contents of plastic sachets of any food item and dry them before throwing them in the trash.

  • Wet Waste

    This type of waste mainly consists of waste from the kitchen. Some examples include fruit peels, pieces of vegetables, eggshells, fish scales, coffee grounds, tea leaves, and bones. These should be thrown out of your home every day for trash collection. You can also make a compost pit at home for organic waste.

  • Electronic Waste

    Also known as e-waste, this type includes computer parts, batteries, cellphones, watches, any kind of electrical equipment, bulbs, CFLs, and tube lights, among others. These should be stored in their own containers and away from moisture.

  • Biomedical Waste

    Some examples of this type of waste include sanitary napkins, menstrual clothes, bandages, disposable diapers, and other materials contaminated with body fluids. Before throwing these in the bin, they should be wrapped in a newspaper.

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