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Common Wastes to Clean Out in Your Yard


Our backyard is part of our home. When the space looks green and clean, the overall atmosphere seems so fresh and inviting. However, just like any space, waste can accumulate. Fortunately, you can count on us when it comes to Waste Disposal.

Cleaning the yard requires time and effort. If you have to be somewhere else, we can do the Yard Waste Pickup for you. Our team is ready to keep your lawns and yard look clean and green.

Aside from having a reliable provider of Waste Management Services in Louisiana, knowing the type of waste that can accumulate in your yard is important. By identifying these kinds of garbage, you can explore ways to prevent these from accumulating or manage the situation. Here are some common waste items we find in our yard cleaning experience.

  • Organic materials – tree limbs or broken branches, wood, grass, leaves, and others. These wastes may be a part of nature but are still considered garbage. When enough organic matter accumulates, it can be a breeding ground for small pests and microorganisms to thrive. Not to mention the foul smell and the odd appearance of trash piles.
  • Synthetic items – plastics, discarded clothing, toys, and other manmade items make the yard look dirty. Plastics are quite common – both intentional or not. Discarded items like clothes or toys should be thrown instead of letting them stay in the yard.

Wolf Disposals LLC takes care of yard cleaning for you. Are you looking for a Roll-off Container in Saint Joseph, Louisiana? We got your back. Call us today.

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