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The Effects of Poor Waste Management on Marine Life


It is common knowledge that improper trash disposal has a negative impact on the environment, but not a lot of us know its extent. Because of our reckless actions, water pollution continues to persist as a leading environmental crisis.

Our Waste Management Services in Louisiana not only provides an exemplary system of garbage disposal, but we also aim to raise environmental concerns, and how we can combat it through responsible waste management.

When you use the ocean as a dumping ground, the water becomes contaminated, the corals slowly die and its inhabitants suffer. It all leads to a great loss of biodiversity.

Improper Waste Disposal would cause oxygen depletion in the ocean and this would inevitably result in the decline of quality life among marine creatures. It has been featured on national television how animals like turtles, dolphins, and penguins would choke due to bottles and plastics; This is because an unsuspecting jellyfish would think that plastic is food, and in addition, human activities like overfishing have made food resources for them more scarce over the years.

The release of chemicals into different water bodies like oil spills also results in food poisoning, further advancing extinction among marine animals.

Wolf Disposals LLC offers a convenient way for Garbage Collection, and this is our own small contribution of helping maintain the balance of the marine ecosystem. Our Roll-off Container in Saint Joseph, Louisiana, is ready to help you, so feel free to reach us.

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